Last night went real well. Small gathering at a good buddies house, met some nice people, and had a blast. 

One thing in particular stood out to this evening, remember my novel of a post about a prick guy a while back? Well he showed up, it went something like this.

Him: Hey you going up to your brothers work with me?
Me: No.
Him: Why? You blew me off on our last date, make up for it.
Me: Ha, please.
Him: I called and texted.
Me: If i recall I received nothing also if you remember what I told you in Oklahoma, I was not interested.
Him: Are you really still mad at me?
Me: Yes, not happy with you at all.
Him: Why?
Me: I expected more from you, when I shouldnt’ve your a total whore.
Him: Ouchhh


Him:Fine dont hug me no big deal.
Me: K bye.
Him: You went down three points in my book!!
Me: Ha! I think I’ll be more than fine!
Miranda: Um, pretty sure you lost all points with everyone asshole!

Words cant describe how happy I was to say what I did, thought itd be much harder but it wasn’t at all. :]